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Hey, this is Matt and Vicki Press here. 

With a combined 40+ years in the copywriting industry, it's fair to say that we've picked up a thing or two.

Obviously we've honed our copywriting skills, but we've also learned a lot about writing copy for a career. We've pretty much worked in every conceivable way.

We've been employed as permanent copywriters in the corporate world, fought for our seat at the table as freelancers and, with Splash Copywriters, we now run our very own copywriting business as well.

Our words have been read by millions. From sport to telephony, insurance to retail, travel to podiatry, we've spent years crafting messages that achieve fantastic results.

Now, we teach people like you how to plan, create and grow their copywriting careers.

I'm Matt Press.

After studying English Literature at university, I landed a copywriting job at the UK media giant, Sky.

I was at Sky for 11 years, becoming the senior editor of Sky Sports. With Sky having over 11 million subscribers, my words have been read by lots of people.

In 2012, I created Splash Copywriters and have worked with businesses of all sizes. From huge, high street brands to small start-ups, I’ve created copy in numerous industries.

Matt Press

Vicki Press


I'm Vicki Press.

I too studied English Literature at university and worked as a copywriter at Sky.

After 8 years there, I made the move to, where I defined their tone of voice and brand positioning.

Then Splash Copywriters really started taking off, so I left to concentrate on growing our own copywriting business.

  • Matt was the sole copywriter behind Sky Q.
  • Vicki transformed the programme synopses you see on the telly.
  • Matt specialists in SEO, which is a crucial skill for modern-day copywriters.
  • Vicki is a tone of voice and branding expert.
  • Since we created Splash Copywriters, we've never struggled to find well-paid copywriting jobs.

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