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How to choose the copywriting career that’s best for you

copywriting career

Writing words for a living is amazing, but there are lots of different types of copywriting career to choose from.As it turns out, the kind of copywriting career that’s best for you will depend on several different factors: namely your writing ability, experience, personality, lifestyle choice and level of ambition.Essentially, you have 3 choices: get […]


Our 3-step strategy for getting copywriting experience (when you don’t have a writing background)

copywriting experience

Have you ever wondered how to get into copywriting? Unfortunately, starting a freelance writing career can seem quite intimidating, especially when your writing experience is lacking somewhat. Ideally, you’d have some copywriting experience before you start working on projects for clients, so the question is:How do you gain copywriting experience?And, more to the point, how do you […]


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