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Why you must avoid writing for content mills at all costs

content mills

If you’re a freelance copywriter, you’ll have heard the term ‘content mill’ before. You’ll know what it is and why they’re so bad for your long-term prospects as a writer. But if you’re new to freelancing, here’s the lowdown on these blighters.What are content mills?A content mill is, quite simply, somewhere or something that provides […]


Avoid the uncertainty of the freelance life – start off as a part-time copywriter

part-time copywriter

So, you’d like to be a freelance copywriter, right?I don’t blame you. It’s a great life. You’ve got the flexibility of working when you want and for whom you want.Plus, assuming you can source new clients on a consistent basis, writing words for a living can be really lucrative.And that’s the key point here: that […]


Proofreading and what Disney can teach us about being the best


Did you know that Disney replace all the flowers at each of their parks every month.That’s every flower.At every park.Every month.Why?Because details matter.Standards matter.That’s why their floral decorations always look so perfect.That’s why people love going to Disney parks.And…… that’s why they make HUGE profits.Ultimately, if caring about the little things is good enough for […]


Testimonial examples: how to use happy clients to land more work

testimonial examples

Testimonials are really important in any industry, but particularly for service-based. They’re like product reviews.Leads who are on the cusp of buying something hunt them out for affirmation. So, in the sales process, they play a crucial role.Testimonials are a sign of trust and value. Even if they’ve been given by someone you’ve never met, […]

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