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Testimonial examples: how to use happy clients to land more work

testimonial examples

Testimonials are really important in any industry, but particularly for service-based. They’re like product reviews.Leads who are on the cusp of buying something hunt them out for affirmation. So, in the sales process, they play a crucial role.Testimonials are a sign of trust and value. Even if they’ve been given by someone you’ve never met, […]


How to overcome writer’s block

Writers block

It happens to the best of writers. It’s inevitable. You’ve been given a brief, but getting started is nigh on impossible. You’re devoid of inspiration. In fact, you can’t even come up with a single concept to flesh out.This isn’t boredom or tiredness. Instead, it’s something much more damaging to your writing career: writer’s block.It’s […]


How to improve your spelling

improve your spelling

I guess spelling is a bit like grammar. Mention it to anyone and they’ll usually either roll their eyes or shudder with fear. But the pressure to spell well is even greater for copywriters.Not only are you paid to deliver flawless copy, but the copy itself is normally used in a commercial context, so there’s […]


How much to charge for copywriting: our guide to estimating and pricing

How much to charge for copywriting

If you’re a freelance copywriter, then at some stage, you’ve probably wondered how much to charge for copywriting.And it’s no wonder: estimating and pricing up a quote can be tricky. In a perfect world, you’d have simple copywriting rates that are set in stone and easily applicable in any given situation.However, in reality, it’s a […]